Whether it is demolition of a house, commercial building, or part of a structure, Kevitt Excavating has the capabilities to execute on any size job. We are Licensed as a Class A Building Wrecker with the excavators, expertise and people to get the job done right from start to finish.

We handle it all:

  • Obtain Demolition Permits
    We work with local city and county officials to pull the necessary permits for demolishing homes, buildings, or other dwellings.
  • Work with Local Fire Department and Utility Companies
    You may not realize that gas, water and electricity can’t simply be turned off and ripped out. Utilities need to be properly disconnected and abandoned or terminated at the source before demolition begins. We work with the local fire department and utility companies to make sure they inspect and sign-off before we begin demolition work.
  • Inspect & Remove Hazardous Materials
    Many older homes were constructed with materials that today are considered hazardous. Asbestos, for example, was commonly used in flooring, ceilings, wrapped around duct work and contained in siding. When asbestos is present before demolition begins we will perform asbestos abatement. In some older homes if there is a fuel oil tank, we will extract it from the site.
  • Verify Property Liens & Historical Preservation
    We make sure the property is free and clear from any liens or encumbrances before demolition begins. Lastly before the demolition begins, we also make sure to check with the historical preservation society to make sure the property isn’t listed as a historical marker.

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